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I watched this video years ago, and ever since I can't seem to get it out of my head. At this point I think it will be with me forever. I like everything about this video, and couldn't offer constructive criticism on it no matter how hard I might try.

Congrats on making something so incredibly memorable.

Mission accomplished

Good for the amount of time you put into it. That says a lot about how skilled you are with flash.

The only issues you could have with this flash are not getting the joke or the squiggly lines, which could be chocked up to style anyway.

Props for not skimping out on sound and buttons even though it was a quick project.


very nice, im starting to notice that there are a lot more good movies nowadays on NG. nice job.

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Nice design, the style is very smooth, creamy even, like ice cream itself. Very suiting.

The tutorial is very clear on how to play, The intro comic was a nice touch, but not everyone can read that fast, especially if the player is a youth, which with this game that's pretty likely.

This game made me want ice cream, so points for that too.

Good going

Good job, nice little shooting game. Gameplay was fun and I enjoyed cheating with the space bar.

You have the coding down, so If you ever want to build on this you should add various enemies instead of bubbles, new backgrounds, different music, more levels, you know, spice it up and junk.

JustGogi responds:

Haha - cheating with [the secret key] is my favorite way of defeating balloons. :)) Nice ideas, thanks!!


Needs more nyan.

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I would put this in a video game in which you collect coins and pizza as the only goal. the game never ends you just get richer and richer and fatter and fatter.

No complaints about this track.

mako94 responds:

thank you!
i think this is my favorite one i made.
if you were in a house and it was on fire i would save you 1st or 2nd because your review made my day!

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Lovely, you kept true to the original WW style while adding your own. The transparent background is a nice touch and even though the sword was trouble it came out looking great.

Your lil signature under Link even looks Hylian.


lmao I guess my signature was an added bonus, I always sign it that way! Thanks!

Pew pew, I love it. A sleek and clean drawing of such a dirty laser weapon, with a pleasing background to boot.

+Nice Hagrid.
+Pumpkins are always a nice touch.
+A woodsy background would go nicely with him.
+Textures are nice and plentiful.
+Same with colours and shading.

What a nice present!

Are you still accepting cancer fundraising btw?

ZeTrystan responds:

Haaaaa, I know! That's what I wanted to do at first, but since I made the pumpkins like this it would have looked weird. (no?)
And thanks again! /o/

Sadly, no, my fundraising ended. But there's quite a lot other fundraising out there, if you want! :)

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